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Picture taken in 2009 by Mario Cacciottolo of Someone Once Told Me

My name is Marta, you’ll know me as PocketRocket82 in the world of twitter and travel forums.

I am a travelling life changer, mindset coach and nutritional therapist working with people that have been failed by other approaches, told that there are no answers to their health issues and are determined to get their hope and life back under control. That being my day to day job and a great passion I am also completely mad about travel, hence Gap Year Travel Journal was born to share my Gap Year travel adventures, published travel guides, my favourite travel photography and lots more…

I was born in Poland some time ago (I love people guessing so go on, how old do you think I am?) and fell in love with travelling as soon as my mum showed me one of the many amazing books on the mighty Himalayas she had in her home library. By the age of 6, I knew all of the highest Himalayan peaks by name and height in the ascending or descending order, religiously watched all TV programmes on all Polish mountaineers and their expeditions, especially Wanda Rutkiewicz and the amazing Jerzy Kukuczka.

From then it rolled on to yearly trips to the beautiful Polish Tatra Mountains, trekking hiking and exploring during school holidays. And eventually doing a Masters in Tourism and Travel ending my 5 year University journey with an unprecedented dissertation “The Anglo Saxon Gap Year Phenomenon”, on which I worked with a couple of Gap Year related websites and was also interviewed by a Polish weekly magazine.

During University I wandered around Europe a bit and 2004 saw me pack my bags and leave for London like many more did that year. After living in the UK for just over 8 years, the time has come for me to pack and go again to make my biggest dream a reality. In September 2011 I set off on what were the most amazing 11 months of my life so far and while travelling around SE Asia, Australia and New Zealand with my partner.

While travelling I started blogging and then writing for www.gapyear.com, a fantastic website I used to prepare myself for my Gap Year travels. A couple of my travel blogs and travel pictures were used to promote the website.  I was then approached by www.gooverseas.com and asked to contribute to their travel guide portfolio. You can view all my GoOverseas.com published work and GapYear.com published work on my page.

In the meantime I got myself to share a big secret and won an amazing competition run by www.gapyear.com that took me to the incredible Cook Islands for 2 weeks in September 2013 where I reported back and broadened my travel writing experience.

I have so far visited  over 20 countries and by setting up Gap Year Travel Journal I aim to inspire and interact with fellow travellers and those toying with the idea of leaving their lives behind and setting off on big travels. I want to share my experiences through published country, city and region travel guides, articles, travel photography galleries, travel tweets and Gap Year forum discussions.

Eventually I’d like to create something unique and special for all of you to use so stay tuned and watch this space.

Thank you for reading!