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Week 25 – photo of the week – watching the Sun rise in Auckland, New Zealand

Macca talks sunsets in the Philippines. We woke up to this every day for 8 weeks…

week 25 - sunrise in Auckland

Towards the end of our travels we stopped in Auckland, New Zealand and lived there for just over 2months. Our home between May and July 2012 was this little studio apartment right in the heart of Auckland’s CBD. Right on top of the 18th floor, overlooking the harbour we woke up to the most amazing sunrises every day for those 8 weeks.

Settling in pretty quickly and having a routine again after 9 months of sleeping in a different bed every few days and a different country every few weeks we were in bed and asleep way before 10pm each day and wide awake and ready to rock just before sunrise, which allowed us to watch these stunning spectacles before we got on with our days.

Auckland sunrise 2

It was totally different each day. Sometimes fiery and blazing, another time a bit hazy and full of pastel yellows and pinks and oranges. I must say it was that time in Auckland that turned me around. A life long (well, until then) night owl that never ever got out of bed before 10am during weekends. I fell in love with how long my days were and how amazingly energised and rested I felt all the time having this new routine and habits.

Apart from the Thai Islands, these were for sure some of the most amazing sunrises I’ve ever seen.

Till next week

M x

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Week 24 – photo of the week – sand sculptures in Surfers Paradise

Apart from skydiving in Queenstown I must say I haven’t really rushed my adrenaline stores through my veins during our travels. I couldn’t bring myself to bungee jump off a cliff and speed boat ride round the Shotover Canyon was awesome but not really as scary as I thought It would be.

Macca takes us this week for a bird’s eye view trip over Surfers Paradise on the East Coast of Australia. Cliff and I have super fond memories of this place even though we only spent a couple of days there.

But wouldn’t you love it if one of the firs things you saw in the morning was this?

week 24 surfers pardise

We turned up in Surfers Paradise the day before our first Valentine’s day after we got engaged. Stopped our little camper on the outskirts in what seemed to be a place to be as there were several other vans parked there and everyone was cooking their dinners and having a drink. Wherever we could we stayed in free parking areas to make our shrinking backpackers budget last as long as we could. And trust me there aren’t many Down Under.

Only to our disappointment we got woken up by a policeman and a ranger telling us politely to bugger off and find somewhere else to stay as camping wasn’t allowed there. We apologised politely, packed up and went and so did others… The problem was thought that it was nearing 11pm and every single campsite was closed with no way of getting a camping space. We drove around for over an hour and eventually pulled up on the side of a petrol station behind a massive lorry and spent the night there thinking we were going to die as around 4 am a car pulled up behind us and another right on the side. We didn’t dare move and hoped this had nothing to do with us being there. We heard an exchange of whatever it could have been going from one boot to another and then they drove off…

With a huge sigh of relief we had enough adrenaline pumping that we decided to head back into Surfers Paradise to watch the Valentine’s Day sunrise.

And when we got there, we watched the sun rise, we had a lovely breakfast by the beach and ventured round the beach front finding out that there was a massive sand sculpture festival going and this week’s picture is only one of my favourites as there were many! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and wonder how did that stuff stuck together as it was boiling hot and dry… You’d think they’d fall apart!

Anyway, this was our adrenaline fuelled Surfers Paradise morning and we wouldn’t have it any other way as the memories are awesome.

M x

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Week 23 – photo of the week – where did your road go Koh Chang?

Did you know you can’t get to the other side of the island? There’s no access to Long Beach so don’t plan staying there any time soon someone said to us while chilling out on the southernmost tip of Koh Chang – a beautiful Thai island that’s far less commercial than let’s say Koh Samui.

Apparently there was a land slide and the road was un-crossable, if that’s even a word. C and I didn’t really think much of it as we weren’t planning on heading that way to stay but nevertheless decided to ride around the nearly full circle road round the island to discover that whoever said that to us wasn’t making it up…

week 23 - koh chang road

Ouch I thought to myself… I have genuinely never, ever seen anything like that in my life! The only way to get anywhere was to tip toe along that tiny narrow path you can see on the left on this picture. I just hope that the sizes of the two people across from where I was staying give you at least an idea of high enormous that land slide was.

Some were not phased by the warning signs and dared to push their mopeds across to the other side to visit the Long Beach and have a drink there but we didn’t even dream of doing it as the path was so narrow, we found it hard enough to cross on foot.

koh chang road 2

And knowing the ‘island time’ and how remote this area was, no one expected the road to be fixed any time soon. And it still wasn’t when we came back to Koh Chang for Christmas, over 2 months later… I wonder what it’s like now, over 2 years later. I’m sure I’ll find out when we’re back there later this year.

I must say, I am curious.

This week’s post was inspired by Macca’s ‘How Not To Park Your Car. Check it out for a great laugh!