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What is it like to be a translator and the best Christmas present ever!

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a translator?

xmas pics

Christmas spirit

Well I had the chance to test myself as one this Christmas and you know what? My brain is still buzzing in serious overdrive…

It really does not help being Polish and deciding to spend the rest of your life with an English man (only kidding!).

Taking the in-laws to Poland to meet my mum and dad was an amazing experience and everyone loved it. With the obvious help of a few shots of ice cold vodka everyone was happy chatting away with me so confused in between that I ended up speaking to my mum and dad in English and in Polish to C’s folks… Well funny!


Bydgoszcz at night

Another great thing was that taking Chris and Geoff out for a walk with my mum and dad made me see Bydgoszcz, the city I lived in for 22 years before leaving for London in a completely different light. I loved it!

And I just couldn’t help but jump straight on it… read SCRATCHING! What scratching? Well, this scratching… C and I got the best travel present ever from my mum and dad. Following on from our Gap Year adventures they bought us a World Scratch Map that lets you scratch off a little gold foil off every country you’ve been to.

map 2

Luckies scratch map

Here it is! I absolutely love it and think it’s an awesome idea. Next thing is to get a massive frame and make it a centre piece of our living room!

Want one of those for yourself? Go to and grab it quick!

Happy New Year and happy scratching everyone.

M x


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Waaaa hooooo 🙂 cook islands winner

I’ve kept this one quiet for a reason… As I didn’t know where it was going to take me.I’ve entered an awesome competition on and decided to share my ‘Best kept secret’ with all.

It took me a while to make myself do it but as you can see was well worth it!

Long story short I WON! And I am going to the amazing Cook Islands.

Incredible… I can’t even express how happy I am and how excited to be going and broadening my travel writing experience.

I just could not believe it when I opened my Gap Year inbox this morning.

Have a read of my winning ‘My best kept secret… Not any more’ and what I had to say about winning the competition.

Stay tuned for more info and my amazing Cook Islands adventures some time in 2013.

M x

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Hello world!

And here it is… Following the last few months being crazy busy setting up our business page and trying to settle back in the ‘real world’ (is there such thing as ‘real world’?), I finally turned my plans into action and set up my travel blog and page that will take you into the world of Pocket Rocket Adventures. Have a look at the Who am I page to see who I am and why I am doing what I am doing.


Enjoy the ride guys! I hope you find my page helpful.