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I have been using for a while now. My first encounter with this fantastic website was back in 2007, when I was working on my Master’s dissertation on “The Anglo Saxon Gap Year Phenomenon”. I used the website to help with my research, chat with message board members and so on.

Fast forward to 2011 and here I am again, working out my own big trip that finally is about to come into life. Once again I get myself interacting and blogging as PocketRocket82 which eventually led to me joining The Gap Year Writers Academy and being featured on their Wall of Fame.

I am also actively participating in the now monthly (previously weekly) #gapyearchat on Twitter, last Tuesday every month 6-7pm UK time. If you’re not part of the gang, come and join the fun! Your monthly travel chat fix sorted!

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It looks like I’ve become the person to go for ‘couple travel’ on and here is my 5 top tips on how to make it a near flawless gap year together.

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Who does not like reminiscing? Join the fun in this feature where I talk about the most amazing Christmas 2011 together with other fellow backpackers.

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I bared my soul and heart sharing my best kept travelling secret with all. It takes me to the Cook Islands in 2013! Amazing feeling!

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A lot of you are probably struggling with the dilemma of what it’s like to travel with  a partner. Here you go, my slightly soppy take on going away with the loved ones.

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