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Week 37 – photo of the week – The Laughing Buddha of Dalat, Vietnam

I’ve always been a great nature lover. I can do and from time to time enjoy wandering around unknown cities on my travels but find me  a stunning island, a virgin rain forest or a dramatic mountain range and I am done for you. I can just sit and watch mother Earth unravel her beauty around me. Monuments have never been a big thing for me.

Until you find a place like Dalat in Vietnam and on the back of one of the amazing Easy Riders massive motorbikes (usually Harleys) you venture out into the countryside and you’re welcomed by a sight like this:

week 37 - laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha’s size is just one of the things that really took me aback when I first saw the statue. The storm that was coming only added to the experience and as you can see in the picture, it looked pretty epic. The statue, located just to the side of Linh An Tu Temple is very photogenic indeed and just looking at it makes you want to smile.

It is a giant (I know I am not too tall myself but even for a 6 foot something person, this dude would seem pretty huge) but a gentle giant like that.

C and I visited the temple and got to see this smiley fella during out countryside trip around Dalat back in 2011. It was by far one of our most favourite trips in Vietnam (you just get to see and do so much). And if your backpacking budget allows you to spend some extra pennies on a longer trip with the Easy Riders, do not think twice, JUST DO IT as these guys will show you the Vietnam that not many get to see anymore.

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