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Week 35 – photo of the week – a chicken massacre in Dalat, Vietnam

Last week I talked about how much I loved Vietnamese markets and how full of colours, aromas and freshness they were.

There is also another side to them… That some might find a little bit disturbing…

Look at this lady for example:

week 35 - Vietnamese markets continued - Dalat

 Her bread and butter consists of snapping chickens heads off and pulling the feathers off them before her loyal customers take them off her hands to prepare their family dinner.

I’ve seen stuff like that back home in Poland. As a kid going to the weekly Saturday market with my mum and dad I was always seeing people queuing up to buy their meat and poultry from local farmers and some of them just like this lady here sold live birds and rabbits.

I really felt like I was teleported back to the early 80’s (as far back as I can remember being born in ’82).

These days we’re somewhat used to almost surgically like cut and wrapped chunks of meat on plastic or styrofoam trays wrapped up in cling film. How many of you would genuinely be grossed out by seeing what C and I saw in Vietnam?

Some of the birds in this picture are already prepped and feathered ready for you to pick up and go. And the local vendor prepping a chicken that a cute little granny just minutes before selected from a bag underneath the counter, still happily clucking away…

That’s what you call a fresh chicken soup for your Sunday lunch right?

(btw I’ve no idea whether it was actually soup that she was planning to cook out of it)

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