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Week 34 – photo of the week – Vietnamese Markets in the mighty Mekong Delta

Our trip to the Mekong Delta was probably our favourite, well I’d say on par with the Halong Bay cruise out of the not very many organised adventures we took part whilst traveling.

Apart from paddling down the Mekong canals in a little boat and visiting a coconut candy factory (boy, were they the most amazing little sweets ever and so simple with only 3 things in them) the local markets were what mesmerised me.

week 34 - Vietnameese markets in the Mekong Delta

I took this picture rushing around a local market on one of the Mekong islands we stopped on for one of our short breaks during the day trip we were on. It was the sort of thing that I saw on several calendars. The bags were usually full of Indian herbs and spices while what I saw in Vietnam were pretty much the SE Asian staples – chillies, rice, corn and sugar.

The vendors did their thing shouting out what I could not understand but assumed where their daily specials and offers, while the locals greeted each other wandering around picking all their essentials for the day ahead.

I love the SE Asian market culture and how rich and colourful they are. The only UK place that resembles them still I guess is the Borough Market in London, but then again there’s more tourists than locals actually doing their weekly shopping on the crazily priced market stalls.

I’ve plenty of Asian market pics that would be enough for a series. I might even revisit some next week to your delight.

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