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Week 33 – photo of the week – angry skies on Koh Chang, Thailand

It looks terrifying but at the same time totally mesmerising… Without a proper camera and all photographer’s gear it’s easy to fully capture what you really see in front of you but when I took this picture…


week 33 - angry skies in Koh Chang


I could’t believe how amazingly it actually showed what was in front of us. We were sat on the deck in Cliff Cottage on one of our favourite Thai islands – Koh Chang, driking a Chang or a Singha and pondering the world. It was still early on during our travels. We might have even played cards or whatever else we spent our afternoons doing.

Then suddenly not long after sun set, these dark clouds started rolling in and we knew there was a big storm cooking. Nothing unusual for that part of the world but what was to come well and truly exceeded any Thai rain storm that we’ve ever experienced before.

There was thunder and lightning, torrential rain and huge gust of winds. You name it, we had it that evening. So we all sat back, hiding under the decking’s roof with our beverages, waiting for it to pass and hoping that all the fishing boats, that you can see in the background survived the nature’s madness and returned home safely.

Fair to say, an amazing experience to have from the safe shore of the Bang Bao bay but I wouldn’t have wanted to be out there in the sea that night… It was pretty scary – Mother Nature was clearly very angry at someone!

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