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Week 13 – photo of the week – life on wheels in Oz

When I read Macca’s post this week I knew exactly what was going to be my photo of the week this week…

camping in Oz

C and I spent over 6 weeks, driving over 5000km down the East Coast of Oz in early 2012.

It is fair to say, life on wheels takes a few days to adapt to, especially that we’ve never done it before but boy is it worth it! Not only for the stunning views you wake up to every day that Macca talks about in ‘Park Life in Australia’  but also the interactions and new friends you make while on the road.

And by that I don’t necessarily mean other backpackers and travellers but some of these guys:










I thought it’d be best to just share some of the pics above as words can’t describe Australian wildlife. Apart from plenty of sanctuaries and nature reserves where you can see rainbow coloured birds, kangaroos and koalas all you really need to do is pay attention and look around you when camping.

All of the pics I shared with you today I took in various places alongside the East Coast, whether directly on a campsite or wandering around. It’s just amazing!

Even though, when travelling in a tiny camper as this is all you can afford as backpacker may seem a bit of a pain. (I won’t lie, we had a few sleepless nights as it was just to hot to sleep.) Your dirty feet and chipped nail polish won’t matter as what you see around you blows you away each day, every day! So think twice when you make a decision between jumping on a bus where you can only stop when they let you or actually having a jelly bean on wheels as your home for a few week, which I promise you’ll never forget and once done once you’d want to repeat over and over again.

Well… apart from meeting those lovely ‘little’ huntsman spiders that sometimes decide to visit when you wake up in the morning (the only wildlife I didn’t get to photograph as I was too busy freaking out)!

Till next week x

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Week 12 – photo of the week – 1000 feet higher than Macca

A few days late this time, purely as my weekend was mostly taken up by driving well over 1000miles up and down the country delivering our ‘5 Steps To Awesome Health and Limitless Energy’ workshops. I am back now and loving this week’s theme on Macca’s blog.



We’re talking being ridiculous and jumping out of a plane at stupid heights… In my case a whole 1000 feet higher than Macca as I took the plunge and jumped (well my skydive master – Mira – did essentially, with me attached to her with a harness and a few straps) at 15000 feet over the most amazing Queenstown and the surrounding mountain ranges including the Remarkables in the heart of the New Zealand South Island’s adrenalin capital.


I wish I could claim this one as my picture of the week as I find it truly stunning, however credits must go back to my awesome camera man that not only documented my jump on pictures but also did this little video of me going nuts up in the sky…

Just like Macca I loved every minute of it and would do it all over again! Well in fact I am already planning my next jump when we’re back in NZ early next year (YAY!!!).

Bold statement I know but I am going to say it anyway, I truly believe that Queenstown is just the most amazing place on this planet to do what I did in April 2012 as an early 30th bday pressie from my husband to be and partner in crime – C.

The views are just unreal and I must say I cannot wait till my next jump as the pure excitement, having to look at the camera and being able to scream out just one word that’s unsuitable for this blog as you can imagine I can only remember brief flashes of the amazing mountain ranges of the Southern Alps, the rivers, the lakes… You just can’t take it all in at once!

60sec of free fall were simply breath taking and something your brain just can’t figure out for the first few short seconds as let’s be honest you’ve never experienced anything like it before.

Then when the chute opens and slowing down feels as if you were suddenly going back up, you can start taking it all in and when Mira asked me if I wanted to steer for a few moments I jumped on the opportunity and nearly made myself sick twisting and turning up in the air. I’ve never been one to deal well with sudden changes of direction, let alone upside down falling…

We then landed and it took me a good few minutes to settle my stomach down and the next few days I was utterly exhausted from the pure adrenaline overload and one thing I must say is that if you ever get the chance of skydiving, just do it and then think about it.


A truly amazing experience and even more fun when you’re going up and then down with your mother in law to be!


Till next week guys!

M x

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Week 11 – photo of the week – 394 golden statues of Buddha

Bangkok being the Mecca of backpackers will no doubt feature in this 52 week project quite a few times this year.

I just can’t get enough of it and keep going back over and over again.

week 11 - bangkok buddhas

Macca talks about the amazing Wat Pho this week – home of the giant Reclining Buddha and the ritual of dropping 108 little gold coins into 108 prayer pots that are placed alongside one of the temple’s walls.

I must say without knowing much about the process and why you’d do it I joined in with the locals repeating my own mantra (I guess I kinda got the gist of it without understanding Thai) and found the sounds of little metal coins dropping on the bottom of those copper pots somewhat hypnotising.

Some may say joining in without understanding is ignorance but I look as it a different way. I had my own purpose, so did the locals and I love when my friends from around the world join in in some of my Polish rituals and I must make it clear here – I am not talking about drinking straight shots of vodka!

My photo this week was taken while walking around Wat Pho. Apart from the mesmerising giant 46metre long Reclining Buddha, you can find 4 chapels surrounding the main temple with 394 golden statues sitting in lotus position that originate from different parts of Thailand.

There’s something special about not only Wat Pho and the Reclining Buddha but also about the surroundings. The overwhelming golden glow, the amazing massage you can sign up for in one of Thailand’s most well known Thai Massage schools and the peace and calm when you get there towards the end of the day when all massive swarms of tourists are back in Kao San road.

Till next week lovely people.


M x