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Photo of the week – week 9 – dining like a king in the middle of nowhere

I loved Macca’s post this week and once again was a little challenged as to what to write about in my blog. There was either going to be an extraordinary shopping experience in Vietnam or an out of this world dining experience in Thailand.

If you know C and I a little bit it should be clear by now which one is this week’s winner!

It may not have been lobster in Borneo but a true culinary heaven in the middle of  the hills that surround Chiang Rai. About 20k away from the bustle of this Northern city in Thailand.

bamboo nest dining experience

This little gem of a place called Bamboo Nest De Chiang Rai is nested between rice paddies and banana tree forests not far away from the tribal village of Lahu. Built, owned and run by a lovely local couple Nok and Noi and looked after by their amazing dog Kau that will guide you round the hills and through the jungle better than any human guide could.

There’s hardly any phone reception and no internet, solar power only and an incredible silence…

C and I ended up there searching for a short escape up North before heading back down to the islands. Boy did we love it there!

Our short, 4 night stay was definitely not enough but we had to head down south as this was one of not very many fixed arrangements during our travels.

There is a great outdoor dining area for all and bear in mind there are only 4 bamboo huts there 2 out of which were empty while we visited, so we really did feel like were the only tourists around!

On the menu there is an intriguing speciality that Nok and Noi cook for their guests only after an advanced order. Being on a tight  backpacker budget C and I decided to treat ourselves anyway and this is what turned up for us one lunchtime

Lemongrass and salt crusted fish with sticky rice cooked in bamboo… A true taste sensation!

I mean, words can’t describe the taste and the experience. We both loved it so much that we had it again just before we needed to head off back to Chiang Mai to catch an overnight bus back to Bangkok.

Sticky rice cooked in bamboo is a very traditional Northern Thai speciality and I’d do a lot to have it server like this in some of the Thai places here in the UK but then again it probably wouldn’t be cooked the way it was there, up in the hills with nothing but amazing views, great people and the peace and silence that most of us don’t even know still exists…

If you ever up there in Northern Thailand, make sure you go visit Nok and Noi and say hello from us! I was the first Polish person to stay there so I am sure they’ll remember. And we’re going back some time in December anyway. I just can’t even imagine a trip to Thailand without visiting Bamboo Nest again.

Just have a look what we used to wake up to…

chiang rai hills

Just stunning! And the friendliness of Nok and Noi is second to none! After those short 4 nights in 2011 they were like family! We can’t wait to go back.

Till next week x

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Week 8 – photo of the week – living on the other side of the world

Working on the other side of the world can be a bit daunting… I guess it depends on how you approach it really!

Macca this week, talks about blagging his job as an English teacher in China and how amazing it was to spend some time living in Yanghshuo.

I, thankfully didn’t have to blag my short term stint at the Auckland MOJ some time in May 2012 and absolutely fell in love with the Big Little City that crowned the end of our travels and served as our home for just over 2 months.


week 8 - Auckland

I mean, who wouldn’t fall in love with this right?

But more importantly, apart from the fact that both C and I absolutely loved it there and cannot wait to go back, I found my calling while working with a bunch of great people that were willing to listen to what I had to say.

While earning some extra cash on our working holiday visas I offered to deliver a couple of workshops on being healthy, eating well and feeling awesome. My colleagues were very enthusiastic so I put some knowledge out on paper and got a half decent power point presentation ready.

Not really knowing how it was going to go I threw myself in as I usually do and realised that speaking in front of what then was quite a lot of people to me (read a whole big crowd of 11!) gave me a huge buzz and I just couldn’t shut up about it for another few days.

Cutting the long story short I fell in love with public speaking, which over the last nearly 2 years progressively grew bigger to take me out on the road, criss crossing the UK up and down each month, delivering workshops and seminars under our Wilde Performance brand and educating people on feeling AWESOME and being optimally healthy.

So if you want to know how to have limitless energy, feel amazing, sleep through the night and have optimum health, make sure you follow us and keep your eyes peeled so you can come and see us when we venture out your way.

All I can say is thank you to those that gave me that first chance and made it possible for me to find my true calling! New Zealand beware! You’re next on our list to be feeling amazing when we come back to see you some time in Jan 2015 taking our seminars down south, to the other side of the Equator.

Excited much!

Till next week.

M x

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Week 7 – photo of the week – the most expensive coffee in the world

Errrrmmm… Yeah… How do I start this one?

This week Macca challenged me more than any other week and I was in a bit of a quandary as I must say that I am not a very adventurous eater if it comes to tasting this world’s delicacies…

Don’t get me wrong I love food and a good adventure but eating a ‘still beating snake heart’ is just a tad out of my food comfort zone and by any means out of my comfort zone I live permanently in all other areas of my existence…but food!

Well, I was going to put up a picture of my favourite street food in Nha Trang, in Vietnam but then having spoken to C about not being sure how to reply to Macca’s post this week he exclaimed two words WEASEL COFFEE!!

Boom! Here’s my picture of the week ladies and gentlemen:

Weasel coffee 1


I’ll leave it up to you guys to judge who went more hardcore but I must say I truly enjoyed a little cup of syrupy rich dark weasel coffee that’s deemed one of the most expensive coffees in the world.

C and I had the pleasure (?) of tasting it on our motorbike trip with the Easy Riders in Dalat. What these guys don’t know about their country is not worth knowing. It was amazing riding on their massive Harleys through Vietnam’s countryside visiting amazing places, farms and temples.

One of the delicacies we had on offer was exactly that – the weasel coffee. And I am pondering here whether I should explain a bit more about how it comes about or whether I should just post a Wiki link so you can explore yourselves but kinda feel obliged to give you at least  a little hint to explain the nature of my picture this week.

Well, basically I am used to talking poo all day as it is one of the best and easiest ways to assess our clients’ health and what approach will be best for them. Going by ‘the Bristol stool chart’ you too can see where you’re at quite easily.

Talking about it as part of your day to day clients’ assessments is one thing, drinking weasel excrement infused coffee is a whole separate subject. By selecting the best beans and eating them for them to then go through digestion and fermentation in their gut Vietnamese weasels apparently add a distinct flavour to the black brew of SE Asia. Once out their back side the beans dry outside the coffee farmer’s house just like this to then be roasted, ground and ready to drink.

Weasel coffee 2

Coffee beans of Vietnam are good as it is and whether they need that extra digestive enhancement I am not sure but it was definitely worth a try and at least now I don’t feel that ‘unadventurous’ with my food anymore!

Vietnamese coffee

I promise that whatever Macca comes up with next week my picture will be of more esthetic value than this week’s.

Till next week peeps

Enjoy your coffee x