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Photo of the week – week 5 – Sunset in the Cook Islands

This week’s picture is yet again filled with golden sun rays that we all crave so much during winter here in the UK.

Having just visited a good friend in Spain last weekend, sipping Rioja in a beach side cafe in 20 degrees in January made me think what I usually think when winter sun, somewhere warm strokes my cheeks… what the hell am I doing, living in the UK in the winter?

The ultimate goal for C and I is to be somewhere nice and warm during winter months and we can’t wait to the next part of our adventures at the end of 2014 that will be just that. But before we all start wishing our time away, which to me – living in the moment, is one of the biggest crimes you can commit, I’ll get back on track and share this amazing sunset in Aitutaki, Cook Islands.

sunset in aitutaki 2

It’s amazing how totally different people in totally different parts of the world can have a similar experience. That’s why I love sharing this project with Macca.

Macca in his photo of the week blog this week talks about Sunset in Bangladesh that was a stunning spectacle and one of those rare travelling moments in a foreign country when you can actually be on your own.

Travelling to the Cook Islands on my first travel writing trip that was a result of me sharing my Best Kept Travel Secret in an amazing competition was also my very first long haul solo trip.

It took me 37hours to get to the Cooks and boy was I relieved when I touched down in Rarotonga after what felt like a month in transit… But the next day and even more so, the evening of my first day in Aitutaki – one of the most beautiful Pacific lagoons was even more special.

After an afternoon nap nursing my tremendous jet lag and just about coming to terms with what was going on I stepped out of my beach front hut to see the above view and gasped.

For the next 7 days this was my regular evening performance by the golden circle that I watched sat on a little bench just outside my hut. Me, myself and my thoughts (oh, and my travel journal!)…

I just can’t help myself but share another one of those that I snapped on a different evening so you can see what I mean saying ‘the usual’ evening performance.

sunset in aitutaki 1

There was no one else around and even though I’d love to have shared those stunning sunsets with C I know that we’ll be back there together one day as you can’t just visit the Cooks once.

For any of you that dread the lonely travelling moments, trust me, give it a go. Get comfortable being all by yourself and get lost in the moment. That is exactly when magic happens.

Till next week.

M x

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Photo of the week – week 4 – how I fell in love with travelling

Today’s post is an emotional one… To be honest they all are but looking at this week’s inspiration from Macca talking about sunrises in the amazing Himalayas that I am yet to see myself, I felt that I needed to share this picture with you.


Tatry 2013

The beautiful and dramatic Polish Tatra mountains, where my heart lives, where since the age of 10 I have been going every summer, trekking and hiking the breathtakingly stunning trails and paths. First with my mum, then on my own.

I took this picture at Hala Gasienicowa some time in October 2013. We had beautiful weather, bearing in mind that at this time of the year it isn’t unlikely for the peaks to be covered in snow.

It was good to be back after a couple of years that I couldn’t be there for my usual September encounter as C and I were trotting the world. All our travels have been amazing and some of the places have stayed in our hearts but nowhere will ever be just like Tatras, where it all started and grew into what travelling and discovering the world is for me now some 21 years later…

It was because of my mum that I fell in love with the great outdoors and have to date visited over 20 countries. I am always planning on more adventures. More sunsets and sunrises, more mountains and seas. I’ve never been big into monuments and all the historical sightseeing thing, it is the nature that keeps calling and drawing me back to the wilderness.

Don’t get me wrong I love a few days in a big city but it will always be rocks, water, sand and trees that will win me over as my ultimate getaway.

Till next week!


M x


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Photo of the week – week 3 – The heat, the smell, the dirt, the noise and the chaos…

This week Macca challenged me to go back to 2009 and search through my first SE Asian encounter pictures… He talks in his blog this week about the Golden Temple and his first time in India.

I’ve never been and I must say all that he talks about scares me a little… Although I have friends totally in love with this place and some of them live a very happy and fulfilled life over there.

And then I thought to myself, hang on a minute… After all I don’t think it matters what your first Asian or equally SE Asian destination is, you’re more likely than not to experience most of what Macca talks about.

The heat, the smell, the dirt, the noise and the chaos… It’s what you make of it that matters!

Bangkok was my first Indochina touch down back in February 2009 and boy am I glad I went with an open mind and no pre-conceptions  that you can hear all the time and everywhere as soon as Asian travels become a topic of conversation.

For me this was an equivalent of Macca’s Golden Temple.

The spires of The Grand Palace in Bangkok and the whole complex of temples and buddhas including the mysterious statue of The Emerald Buddha hiding in Wat Phra Kaew.


bkk 2009 2


I am really glad I didn’t listen to anyone’s comments on Bangkok until I actually came back from my very first Thai adventures later in Feb 2009 as I’d probably would have never discovered the Bangkok I fell in love with.

People say that the grand BKK is a place just like marmite, that you wll either love it or hate it and I must say I am definitely the former.

It has all that Macca talks about in his blog this week that sums up his first Delhi encounter.

The heat, the smell, the dirt, the noise and the chaos… But boy do I love it! It’s got its magnetic forces about it that draw you in over and over again. And just so you get it… I went back 5 times (if not more) when on my big travels in 2011 and 12. And if that wasn’t enough I rebooked my flights back, skipped LA and NY to be back there again, right in the middle of it all before I returned to the UK in July 2012… Oh and I am going back yet again later this year as I just simply can’t get enough of all of those that I mentioned before:

The heat, the smell, the dirt, the noise and the chaos…

But yet there will be plenty that tell you to get out of there as soon as you touch down and hit the south with the islands, the beaches, the sun and the calm.

Don’t listen, just go! Open you mind and make it your own SE Asian encounter. You’ll either love it or hate it I am sure but let it be your decision.

Oh and make sure you check out my guide to BKK and that to Thailand to find out more about what draws me back to The Land of Smiles over and over again.

Till next week.


M x