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The university of life…

Don't tell me - quote


Travelling teaches you… It teaches you life through some of the most humble experiences you’re unable even get close to at neither Oxford nor Cambridge… Travelling is the university of life… You learn every day with each step you take. You learn to appreciate what you have and how to trust people again. And if you’re true to yourself and learn to listen it will be sure to warn you before anything bad happens…

What would you do in western world we’re so used to and treat as our reality if someone you only met the day before asked you if they can shower in your bathroom while having a random conversation… What would your initial response be? I bet you’d be just a tad taken aback and not really knowing what to say right?

Well so was I and thought to myself ‘eh?’ immediately asking a question: ‘so, don’t you have your own shower at home?’ The answer that came was: ‘yeah, but you have hot water…’

My heart sunk. I felt like an idiot…

It threw me. It threw me real hard and made me think that what western world does to us I really don’t like but have no choice but adapt being at home…

In only just a few short days I’ve learnt lessons just a few weeks ago I wouldn’t even imagine you can learn.

I’ve travelled before and travelled long term but never on my own, which I guess, no I am sure, changes the circumstances and makes you experience things differently.

I may sound like a broken record but letting go is probably, or actually definitely the single best thing you can do while traveling!

What have you learnt during your travels?