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Those moments… the ‘traveller moments’

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How many times have you seen this quote and thought OH, then clicked the share or retweet button and moved on with your life?

Such a profound social media moment that lasts maybe 5 seconds just to then drift off into nothingness of cyber space to be forgotten until another one of your friends shares it thinking this is what life is all about.

How often do you take it outside of those 5 seconds staring at your screen? How many of those breathtaking moments can you actually recall and remember? How many real life encounters rather than just purposelessly clicking away on your keyboard have taken your breath away?

Where were you? What happened? What made you stop and smile or maybe got that teardrop rolling down your cheek?

I want to know it all! It fascinates me.

Where are you? – Here…

What time is it? – Now…

What are you? – This moment…

(quote from ‘Peaceful Warrior’ by Dan Millman)

I call them the ‘traveller moments’ and am yet to discover a more romantic and breath taking name for it.

The last couple of weeks here in the Cooks have been filled with plenty of those. Little life celebrations filled with raw happiness and overwhelming joy.  Little randez vous with life the way I love it, out in the unknown and discovering… Discovering the world and yourself.

aitutaki bird's eye

They were both mine and those of others I was lucky enough to witness.

They catch you unaware… Grab your throat and squeeze hard. They only last a second, sometimes a little longer.

The first time it happens you’re usually afraid or perhaps surprised. You’ve never felt it before and anything new can sometimes be a little disturbing. The unknown feeling and anxiousness to let go. That little shiver and tingle that soon becomes so familiar and almost a synonym of adventure.

never go anywhere

From the moment I landed till the minute I stepped back on the plane. Whether that first moment you look out the window and realise it really is happening or a bus journey looking deep into the abyss of the Pacific Ocean. That lonely beach you discovered on a random bike ride when something told you to take that turn that changed the way you look at life forever… They’re countless!

deserted beach

And then there are others… The ‘traveller moments’ of those around you. You know you are doing the right thing when a random guy, a fellow traveller you met at a bus stop only the day before has to stop and turn his head away and wipe away a tear that rolled down out of nowhere simply because he was just so overwhelmed with the here and now… It happened when cruising round the island in an old and beat up rented car and he looked up at the mountains that did just that, took his breath away! I smiled to myself and whispered welcome to the traveller’s world. Get used to those, there will be plenty…

raro mountains

It is his first extended trip away from all that’s familiar. He’s already planning for more…

The magic happens when you let go and savour the moment. Enjoy it and smile to yourself when others sometimes blissfully unaware or sometimes watching you carefully walk past and continue with their own journey.


The magic of life in its full taste and glory. The raw happiness and celebration of the moment. The moment that’s yours and nobody else’s but shared is certain to bring smiles to faces but only those that are willing to listen.