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What you see is not what I see…


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Just over 4 years since I left my old career (was it even a career?), 2.5 years as a freelancer, 2 years since I left to roam the world and just over a year since I came back planning my next adventures while at the same time changing peoples lives for the better.

Where am I going with this? I am not too sure but there’s been a lot of stuff bubbling inside me wanting to come out over the last few weeks or perhaps even months so maybe I am doing it to get rid of some stuff that’s not actually mine but since it bothers me it becomes a part of me and sits in there rotting while I don’t even want it.

For those of you who don’t know me, my main job is changing people’s lives through nutritional therapy and coaching, while at the same time I am an absolute travel addict, hence this blog was born a few months ago.

I wish I was doing what you’re doing people say! I wish I was living the dream is another one that sounds familiar… Well, then why don’t you?

There has been a tragic incident recently in the travelling freelancers’ world where someone took their own life. For what reasons, no one will probably ever know but that’s not what I want to talk about.

A great point was made in a blog by Green Global Travel about living YOUR dream not, THE dream but YOURS! Yours and nobody else’s. My dream may not be your dream and what I do may not be your idea of happiness and fulfilment.

I consciously chose my path and trust me it wasn’t just a magical coincidence that I left the job I hated, re-qualified, went freelance to be the new rich – TIME rich (as Tim Ferris calls them) and travelled the world.

It sounds awesome right? Well it damn is but it’s damn hard at the same time too! Unless some serious cash is handed down to you, for months you’ll be thinking: “shit, am I actually going to have enough to survive this month?”. Then the next couple of months won’t be as bad just to suddenly crash back down for a month or two. It takes time for any new venture to grow, stabilise and bring you some sort of income that will actually support you and let you survive.

Having said that you have to rely on people’s willingness to purchase your services, which to be honest sucks most of the time until your name is established. There’s minimal security in what you do and your life suddenly is a constant up and down. But the trade off is that you’re not just your own boss but you do things the way you want. And you may even change someone’s life forever.

I remember like it was yesterday someone telling me that I needed to work with every client that came my way. Well that’s bullshit as some are not ready for change. While others do not like the way you work and fair play to them. There are plenty of us coaches out there for you to choose from although it’s not really about how you get on with your coach but more so about whether they can deliver what you need (not what you think you need most of the times also).

And then there are the haters… Those that will do anything to put you down and prove you wrong. They’ll argue, pull you up on things and comment on everything just to try and shine. But all they truly achieve is a dirty little scum status between those that are genuinely there to help and share information. There’s interacting to help and educate each other and there’s trying to get that moment of dirty glory which to be honest does f*** all but exposes your insecurities and the need for attention.

And stop here before you try and to exactly that in response to what I just said! I’ve been there, done that. I used to thrive on putting others down, thinking I am the shit… Well it was a very shit way of trying to prove to myself that I am worth something after a lifetime of not feeling good enough. And whether you like it or not, we’re all like that. I don’t care if you admit it or not but it is a long and hard grafted journey to realise that we are good at what we do if we put enough into it and are genuine. And people will see it eventually. Well at least those ready for it.

So if you’re fed up with your life as it is, CHANGE IT! It’s not easy living YOUR dream, it’s not easy living it all behind and jumping right in the deep waters of the unknown but if you persist and want it enough, despite the whole world telling you directly or not to give up it will happen!

Think about it that way – if something bothers you get rid of it in your life. Whether it’s people around you, social media acquaintances, humans or objects it does not matter. If they’re not there to make you a better person, they have no time or attention! Do your thing, keep learning and moving forward. It’s your life and only YOU can shape and change it! People will judge you anyway so why bother clinging onto it?