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Bank Holiday walking in the Peaks

It’s nearly been a year since we got back from travelling. Crazy how quick the time goes…

As you may know if you’ve traveled yourself or at least imagine, for a little while post travelling your bank account balance usually resembles a minor disaster. Add on a start up business on top of that and holidays and any time away become the things you used to do in the past (have I ever even been away travelling? – it feels like it sometimes).

Pre travelling both C and I have been used to going away for at least a weekend every 2-3 months at the most. Then we buggered off for a year. Now having been back for 11 months and not being able to (temporarily) get away nowhere near as much as we’d like to, we always try and amuse ourselves otherwise (read, watch movies and the usual nutritional geeking out).

Since the weather finally decided to grace us with an amazing weekend over the Bank Holiday we jumped on the opportunity and drove up to the Peak District.

C and I


Boy was it amazing to get away from the city. And how awesome is it really to have the Peaks just an hour away from Notts.

We set off in the morning and headed towards Matlock Bath where we parked our little machine by the train station and popped our walking shoes on. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and my heart was filled with joy.

We opted for the lovely Matlock Bath Circuit to ease ourselves back into walking (blisters followed nonetheless!).

What a day… Away from the hustle and bustle of Notts we are usually used to it was just awesome walking around, snapping pics of whatever I could get my lens pointed on and chilling out in the shade admiring amazing views.

The walk was only about 8k and fairly easy but that’s just exactly what both of us needed.

Trying to find the hidden footpaths, climbing up hills wondering whether we got lost yet again (we’re usually really good at this) to then come up to an opening showing us yet another view over the Riber Castle towering over Matlock and Matlock bath.

Riber Castle in its full glory

It probably took us a bit longer than expected on the initial route map but why would you rush anywhere if you can keep snapping pics of flowers, cows, trees and whatever else there is around you… I’m sure C at points wasn’t exactly happy having to stop every 5 metres.

flower 1flowers 2

As beautiful as it was walking around the Abraham Heights and then The High Tor the most disappointing part was trying to find a decent place for lunch. Matlock Bath seems like a lovely little town at first sight but have a closer look and all you can find is amusement centres, fish and chip shops and poor quality ice cream shops… It doesn’t stop masses flocking in however as no one knows any different any more.

We walked past a couple of lovely farms and you just want to stop and pop in for a lovely home made food, taste and smell their fresh produce but guess what… It’s nowhere to be found.


The sad reality of mass produced, poor quality everything (not only food sadly) has put us back in the box of today’s world as soon as we stepped of that path back into civilisation.

And guess what? We just went home and cooked our own dinner…