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What gets me through the English winter… and Spring to be precise…

It’s been miserable out there for way too long this year and I feel like I am turning into a true Brit by saying that. Next thing you’ll hear me moan that it is too hot when the sun decides to poke its head out… Well, that’s if it ever does!

Starting up a business after you came back from your gap year, completely broke and with not much financial back up is hard. But world belongs to those who try and doing what you love and hold a great passion for actually does help quite a bit. But at the same time that severe case of itchy feet, that longing for endless adventures, travelling and wandering the globe never quite goes away.

flowers 3

I think I’ve accepted now my nomadic nature (thanks mum!) and am in the process of trying to figure out how to be on the move more often. How to travel freely while still doing the job I love. A constant gap year while changing peoples lives for the better. Sounds cool right?

It does but it will take a little while before it truly becomes my daily routine and trying to deal with not being able to travel around as much as I’d like for a few months is now something I am working on quite a bit at the moment.

flowers 1

So how do I do it? Especially if the persistent English gloom of a winter just does not seem to want to go away… Well I embrace every little moment of sunshine and walk, explore the unknown of my surroundings but also try and bring spring indoors. Sadly not quite the English spring yet, it’s probably more Dutch or Spanish but I don’t mind, it looks pretty after all.

I guess I am lucky enough to have C that spoils me and gets a nice bunch every now and then to make me smile when I come home.

folwers 2

Flowers indoors keep me going. A bit of colour stimulates me, makes me keep going and gets my creative mind going. I like it when they turn their heads to the sun that never seems to stay with us for long enough and I like it when on a Sunday afternoon with a glass of my fav red vino I sink into my beloved giant sized bean bag and watch them in silence while my mind wanders off to the next place to go to on my never ending list – everywhere!

flowers and wine

PS I cook a lot too, improvise and throw whatever I’ve got together to make something I probably won’t ever be able to re-create again but that is another story, which I am sure I will touch on some time.