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What got me to the Cook Islands

It took me a while to settle in in Notts, unpack and put my fingers to the keyboard again. I’ve been wanting to write about it ever since I saw the finished thing while being at home for Christmas.

I’ve told you on a few occasions about how incredible it felt to have won the trip to the Cooks.

Now, in my published work, you can have a look at my original “Best Kept Secrets” photo essay entry on, where I bared my heart and soul talking on how my mum and dad see the world through my eyes and travels.

I talked about a travel journal C and I got for my dad to take notes in and keep up with what we were up to while travelling around SE Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Well, he with mum’s help put his heart into it and here is the finished product that took a couple of months to complete:

diary 1


The first page has got info on all countries we went to and dates we travelled…

diary 2


Then, every country has a dedicated front page with a flag and some main country facts (now that’s for being an information geek).

Mum printed it all out nice and neat.

diary 5


Apart from notes and comments on our whereabouts and activities there was a lot of footage to go through. Out of all pictures we took during our months away (over 3500!), dad chose a close selection of favourites (well over a 100).

Did I say it was hard to fit them all in?

diary 4


diary 3













And the whole thing, packed full of memories. Clearly I cried when we looked through it together. Every piece of information was clearly checked and looked over as dad wanted to make sure he had it all in the right order.

It looks amazing! After all it got me to the Cooks right?

diary 6