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Time to move on… Severe case of itchy feet.

It looks like I just cannot sit still for more than a couple of months any more.

Having been back for just over 8 months now both C and I decided it’s time to move on again and this time the proverbial finger on the map landed on the city of Robin Hood and the merry men – Nottingham.

Not only from the itchy feet perspective but more so trying to grow our new business out in the sticks was proving somewhat difficult. Even though most of it is based online these days, you can never underestimate the true one to one interaction with a client, especially in the health and fitness industry.

Why Nottingham you may ask? Well, C went to uni over here and I, having been a couple of times previously, quite like it and we both decided that with its vibrant social scene and the lovely Peak Districts (that’s my addiction to hiking talking again) it looks like a perfect happy medium between going back to London (neither of us fancy being a Londoner anymore) and staying in the middle of nowhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the ‘middle of nowhere’ part of the equation but perhaps somewhere slightly different, ideally somewhere in New Zealand.

Now… that makes me think once more, why the hell did we leave that place in the first place…

Swapping this:



For this:


Well. Each to their own I guess but I know it won’t be long before we pack up again and go again and again and again.

I guess once you’ve done it and loved it, you never can truly get rid of the sudden urge to see more and more of this world, can you?