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I won travel goodies… again :)!

Now that is cool right?

Not long back I was telling you all how amazing it felt to have won the trip to the Cooks.

Well, the lovely guys at have just told me I’ve won an awesome Havana Club goodie bag while participating in one of their Tuesday #gapyearchat travel talks on Twitter.

How awesome?

Have a look

Havana Club Goodie Bag courtesy of and Havana Club

Havana Club Goodie Bag courtesy of and Havana Club

I’ve only just got my head around the fact that I’ll be flying more than half way round the world some time this year to spend a couple of weeks wandering around some of the most beautiful islands in the world and now they’re teasing me again sending me guide books to Cuba (and a message in a bottle – loving it!).

Are they trying to tell me something?


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The not so big little travels… erm, walks I mean, walks.

How is everyone enjoying the snow?

It feels like there are two groups out there, the lovers and the haters… As with anything else in life I guess.

Being Polish I’ve seen and done it all including walking to school in deep snow and -15 degrees and falling over on ice while the whole world was glazed over (yeah, everyone gets on with their lives back home in this weather). It is fair to say though that I have not seen it for a wee while especially spending over 6 months in tropical climate not so long ago and not really seeing proper winter for well over a year. I am loving it!

snow 1

I definitely look happier with the weather than C and his little sad face.

As you can see every chance was taken to go out there and enjoy it, from having new garden fixtures put in over the weekend to a late evening Sunday stroll through the fresh powder.

snow 3

Mr frog seems happy to have some company at last.

It really does help being a trekking geek and having all waterproof gear needed to throw yourself on the ground and perform a perfect little snow angel.

snow 2

Outdoor gear never overrated!

Go out there and have fun people! Life’s too short to be grumbling away and moaning about it. We only get it once every few years anyway!

Happy snow day!


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Making a certain little gentleman super happy!

Being a nutritional therapist I must say that what I am about to share with you guys would probably not (no, n

thomas 1

From this…

o, definitely not!) make it to any of my client’s menus unless I’d want them to get an instant case of diabetes… I couldn’t help but share it though as both Cliff and I had an awesome fun day making it and hoping to make his little nephew happy!

As it is little Lockie’s 3 bday approaching quite fast and he absolutely adores Thomas The Tank Engine what jump

s straight into our heads?

thomas 2

…and this…

Make him Thomas The Tank Engine birthday cake… Eeeerm… Right, so how do we go about it?

thomas 3

To this!!!

After watching endless youtube tutorials (what would you do without internet these days, eh?) and nearly giving in by buying a ready made cake we embarked on a mission on Saturday morning and 7 hours later, endless icing kneading and colouring, cutting, chopping and shaping, we SUCCEEDED and are happy to present to the World Thomas The Tank Engine CHOO CHOO!

Not really travel related but after all we all travel on trains right?

You can’t deny it was worth sharing. And the little one’s face once he by mistake saw Thomas in the fridge was just priceless…

‘Why is Thomas in the fridge nanny…?’


M x